My name is Henry Sheppard. I have been writing novels (Play the Devil) and screenplays (unproduced) for over twenty years. 

This blog was set up in 2011 when a small group of people were looking at the possibility of establishing a Screenwriters' Co-op in Adelaide. Amongst other things, we identified a need for an online presence that would make it possible for other people to locate us.

In the beginning, my goals were to:
(a) Provide a point of contact for wannabe screenwriters in Adelaide,
(b) Develop a pool of short films that could be readily accessed, watched and discussed by a group of friends who wanted to write their own short films, and
(c) Pass on information that might be of interest to budding screenwriters/filmmakers living in the Adelaide area.

Today you can find a collection of links to both short films and webseries on the blog. I have accumulated over one hundred examples of each.

The original project fell by the wayside, but as I ran into interesting people from around the world and asked them for interviews, a repository of information (and light entertainment) developed. 

In 2014, I stopped writing the blog, giving my reasons here. In that post I was trying to explain why I was stopping, but some people read it as an announcement of my imminent death. Sorry about that. I'm still here, if not especially well. The leukemia is no longer in remission and I am back on chemotherapy. Meanwhile, I am, following many requests, republishing The Best Of posts, one per week. Plus I have been unable to resist putting up new, interesting material that I come across. That should keep this blog alive for a little while yet.

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